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Deleting duplicate users in Oracle Portal

In one of our PROD application (Oracle portal), user reported that he is not able to login and getting some weird error message. Later on while troubleshooting, it was found that this is happening due to duplicate user in OID.

      How to remove the duplicate user from Oracle portal

Step1 : Login to Portal using ‘orcladmin’ accound and query the problematic user and you will see 2 entries for the same user
Step2 : Login to OID database using ‘portal’ user

a)Query wwsec_person$ table – this table is populated ONLY when the user logs into the portal
b)DELETE the entry from wwsec_person$ table. If there is an error while deleting the user, disable the below triggers, delete the record and then enable the trigger again
Step3 : Remove the entry from LDAP using ldapdelete command
-ldapdelete -h -D “cn=orcladmin” -w -p -v “”
Step4 : Confirm by running the ldapsearch command on the Infra tier
-ldapsearch -h -p -D “cn=orcladmin” -w -b ” -s base “objectclass=*” orclobjectguid

Now the user must be made to synch again with OID. This can be verified from LDAP log.

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