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How to change “orcladmin” user password when it is expired

December 9, 2014 Leave a comment
  • Login to $ORACLE_HOME/bin (Infra Home)
    • Make sure vnc process is running and DISPLAY variable is configured to the VNC port
  • export DISPLAY=<server_name>:<port_no>
  • Invoke the script -oidamin
    • $ ./oidadmin
  • Now login to the GUI (onVNC) with the following credential
    • User = “cn=orcladmin”
    • Password = default it is the same as that of “ias_admin”
  • Once logged in, navigate as below
  • Entry Management
    • cn=OracleContext
      • dc=com
      • dc=abc <domain_name>
        • cn=Users
        • cn=<orcladmin>
  • Click on cn=<orcladmin>
  • Scroll to the bottom in “Properties” tab
  • Look for the attribute “userpassword”
  • Update the value with the password and then click on “Apply”
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