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Space reclaim using complete database export import

November 2, 2016 Leave a comment

We had a non-prod database which was having more than 50% of space as free. Objective was to reclaim the space at OS level and release the space back to storage.
This is an Oracle E-Biz environment.
Ebiz Version – 12.2.2
Oracle DB version –
OS – 64 bit Oracle Linux

Tried to resize the datafile as much as possible but could not reclaim enough space. Hence thought of doing the full database re-org using export and import.

This document demonstrates step by step procedure with screenshots to do full database reorg using export/import

Full Database reorg using export-import

Post export/import, I was able to reclaim around 4 TB (65% reduction) of space.

Pls see the result below.


Hope this helps. Happy learning!!!

-Anand M