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Installation of Oracle R12.1.1 on Linux 64 bit machine

Today I completed the vision instance installation of Oracle R12.1.1 on Linux machine. I had some hiccups but finally were able to resolve all the error and got the login page successfully. I will be covering all the installation steps in this blog – all the issues faced, their resolutions etc.

Oracle R12 Version – 12.1.1

OS – RHEL5 update 3

Single Node and Multi user Installation.

Metalink Note ID followed – 761566.1

Before starting installation, pls make sure all the below packages/utility is installed

  • ar
  • gcc
  • g++
  • ld
  • ksh
  • make
  • X Display server

Installation size of Oracle E-business Suite 12.1.1

  • Fresh install with Vision demo database – 243 GB (Application Tier FS – 35 GB + DB Tier FS – 208 GB)
  • For my envionment
    • /d02 –> Application and Database FS  – 350 GB
  • Staging Area
    • /d03 –> Oracle provided media will be copied into the respective directory structure
    • My staging area consists of
      • /d03/R12.1.1_X86
        • startCD
        • oraAS
        • oraDB
        • oraAppsDB
        • oraApps
  • OS User and Group
    • created a group called ‘dbaerp’ and created 2 users – ‘applerp’ (application user) and ‘oraerp’ (Oracle filesystem user)
    • created a base directory – /d02/ebs/R12VIS
    • Change ownership and grant write permission to dbaerp group
    • cd /d02
    • mkdir -m 775 -p /ebs/R12VIS
    • chown -R oraerp:dbaerp ebs
  • Kernel parameters (Related to Oracle E-Business Suite – R12) – After making any changes inthe system file, use “sysctl -p” command tor restart the system to invoke the new settings. vi /etc/sysctl.conf
    • kernel.shmmax = 68719476736
    • kernel.shmall = 4294967296
    • kernel.sem =  250 32000 100 128
    • fs.file-max = 6815744
    • net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range = 9000 65500
    • net.core.rmem_default = 262144
    • net.core.wmem_default = 262144
    • net.core.rmem_max = 4194304
    • net.core.wmem_max = 1048576
  • $ vi /etc/security/limits.conf
    • Added below entries in the file
      • hard         nofile      65536
      • soft           nofile      4096
      • hard         noproc   16384
      • soft           noproc    2047
  • vi /etc/hosts – make sure hosts file is formatted as below
    • [ip_address] [node_name].[domain_name] [node_name]
  • vi /etc/sysconfig/network – Pls make sure it is formatted as below
    • HOSTNAME=[node_name].[domain_name]
  • vi  /etc/sysconfig/networking/profiles/default/network – make sure ‘network’ file doesnot exist. In my case, it was not there.
  • vi /etc/resolv.conf – Add or update the following entries to these minimum settings on each node
    • options attempts:5
    • options timeout:15
  • OS Library patch for Oracle HTTP server – Downlaod and apply the patch 6078836 from MOS to fix an issue with the Oracle HTTP server (missing
  • patch1
  • patch2

RPM required for Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.1 – As per Metalink Note ID – 761566.1

  • Check Linux Kernel – uname -r
  • kernel
  • OS Kernel
  • OS_kernel
  • Hence for my RHEL5 update 3, following RPMs are needed – In my case, many of them were already installed and some of these RPMS need to be installed.
  • Command used to query the RPM –
    • rpm -qa –queryformat “%{NAME}-%{VERSION}.%{RELEASE} (%{ARCH})\n” |grep <RPM_NAME>
    • openmotif21-2.1.30-11.EL5.i3861
    • openmotif
    • xorg-x11-libs-compat-6.8.2-1.EL.33.0.1.i386
    • binutils- – For update 3
    • gcc-4.1.2-14.el5.x86_64
    • gcc-c++-4.1.2-14.el5.x86_64
    • glibc-2.5-18.i686 (32-bit)
    • glibc-2.5-18.x86_64
    • glibc-common-2.5-18.x86_64
    • glibc-devel-2.5-18.i386 (32-bit)
    • glibc-devel-2.5-18.x86_64
    • libgcc-4.1.2-14.el5.i386
    • libgcc-4.1.2-14.el5.x86_64
    • libstdc++-devel-4.1.2-14.el5.i386
    • libstdc++-devel-4.1.2-14.el5.x86_64
    • libstdc++-4.1.2-14.el5.i386
    • libstdc++-4.1.2-14.el5.x86_64
    • libXi-1.0.1-3.1.i386
    • libXp-1.0.0-8.1.el5.i386
    • libXp-1.0.0-8.1.el5.x86_64
    • libaio-0.3.106-3.2.i386
    • libaio-0.3.106-3.2.x86_64
    • libgomp-4.1.2-14.el5.x86_64
    • make-3.81-1.1.x86_64
    • gdbm-1.8.0-26.2.1.i386
      • gdbm
    • gdbm-1.8.0-26.2.1.x86_64
    • sysstat-7.0.0-3.el5.x86_64
    • util-linux-2.13-0.45.el5.x86_64
    • compat-libstdc++-296-2.96-138.i386
    • compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-61.i386
  • Additionally few of the RPMs are required for 11gR1 database (which is bundles with 12.1.1 release) on database tier.
    • compat-libstdc++-33-3.2.3-61.x86_64
    • elfutils-libelf-devel-0.125-3.el5.x86_64
    • elfutils-libelf-devel-static-0.125-3.el5.x86_64
    • libaio-devel-0.3.106-3.2.x86_64
    • unixODBC-2.2.11-7.1.i386
    • unixODBC-devel-2.2.11-7.1.i386
    • unixODBC-2.2.11-7.1.x86_64
    • unixODBC-devel-2.2.11-7.1.x86_64
    • kernel-headers-2.6.18-8.el5.x86_64
  • I had some error installing some of these but those were dependecies error viz. error when  installed openmotif21-2.1.30-11.EL5.i3861
    • 123

Installation Process

  • Media Check – MD5 Checksums for R12.1.1 Rapid Install Media [ID 802195.1]
    • cd /d03/R12.1.1_X86 –> Staging area
    • Download md5sum_xxxxx.txt –> Depending on OS
    • md5sum
  • Standard Installation – Login as root
  • Export Display – Start the VNC process (if not done already) and export the display
  • Cd to staging area – $ cd /d03/R12.1.1_X86/startCD/Disk1/rapidwiz
  • /rapidwiz
  • inst1
  • inst2
  • inst4
  • inst5
  • inst6
  • inst7
  • inst8

Issues and resolution

  • Post Installation setp threw fllowing errors
    • HTTP Error
    • Login Pager Error
    • JSP Error
    • Virtual Page Error
    • Help page error
  • Troubleshooting step
    • I stopped all the services and tried starting it again all using adstrtall command but adopmnctl command errored out.
      • opmnctl error
    • Upon investigation, I saw some error related to APPS listener in the Autoconfig log file
    • Autoconfig error
    • Researching error over Metalink, I found a Metalink Note – 1324667.1 and performed the actions as advised
      • Clean the Data Topology Model
        • sqlplus apps/apps_password
        • COMMIT;
        • EXIT
      • Run autoconfig on all tier – first on DB tier and then app tier.
    • Autoconfi completed on both the nodes successfully.  I started the services using adstpall. All the services came up successfully but Apache.
      • autoconfig Success
      • adopmnctl success
  • Apache still not coming up and is giving error. Error log shows
      • adapcctl error
    • Error log was pointing to This file was very much there in 10.1.2_HOME/lib and 10.1.3_HOME/lib as well. I googled a lot and every forum/thread was mentioning that this file should be there in lib as well as lib32. I didnot find lib32 folder either in 10.1.2_HOME or in 10.1.3_HOME
      • Pls remember I had already applied the patch 6078836 – which is a OS library patch and required for a known HTTP issue.
      • Hence I thought to create a lib32 folder under both the homes and create a soft link to the actual physical location
        • created lib32 folder in $10.1.2_ORACLE_HOME & $10.1.3_ORACLE_HOME
        • created soft link for
          • ln -s /d02/ebs/R12VIS/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/lib/
          • ln -s /d02/ebs/R12VIS/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/lib/
      • Restarted apache and got another error this time. Error related to was no more there.
      • adapcctl error1
      • This error was pointing to some SSL configuration in httpd.conf file. Hence commented the said configuration.
        • # Include the SSL definitions and Virtual host container
        • #include “/d02/ebs/R12VIS/inst/apps/R12VIS_adc-al-lnx45/ora/10.1.3/Apache/Apache/conf/ssl.conf”
      • Restarted Apache. This resovled the apache issue and all the services came up without any issue.
      • adapcctl success
  • Launched the login page and I was able  to see the login page
      • login page



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  1. Thanks for the step by step. It did helped me.

    1. Thanks and glad that it did help you.

    2. Nice to know that it helped you.

  2. on 64 bit linux plateform is it possible to install 32-bit 12.1.1. ebs

    1. No as per compatibility Matrix

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