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11i/R12 Concurrent requests going into ‘Inactive’ & ‘No Manager’ status

Couple of days back, got a mail from Development team that their concurrent requests are not being processed in DEV instance. From the front end, requests are showing ‘Inactive’ & ‘No Manager’

I started looking into it. From the historical run of the job, it was showing as processed by ‘Standard Manager’. Hence thought of bouncing Standard Manager. Later on development team reported that their another request (which is also processed by Standard Manager) is going into the same status.

This definitely looked like issue with Standard Manager. But bouncing Standard manager didn’t resolve the issue. Later on I decided to bounce CCM tier but that also didn’t help.

Later on I looked into the specialization rule defined for Standard Manager and found that one of the developers had defined a specialization rule ‘INCLUDE’ for this manager for one of his concurrent program. And this was the root cause of all issue.

A specialization rule such as ‘INCLUDE’ which is used in the standard manager, tells the manager to process ONLY those requests whose job is specified in the INCLUDE rule. It drastically limits which programs the Standard Manager is supposed to process. 

By default all jobs are defined to be handled by Standard Manager unless a specialization rule ‘EXCLUDE’ is explicitly defined. Hence in our case, both the reported requests/jobs are not defined with EXCLUDE in Standard Manager, they were going into ‘Inactive No Manager’ status. ‘INCLUDE’ is NEVER defined for Standard Manager.

Once the ‘INCLUDE’ specialization rule is removed, jobs started getting processed normally under Standard Manager.

Query to check the specialization rule defined for any concurrent program

SELECT decode(A.INCLUDE_FLAG,'I','Included','Excluded'),
 WHERE type_id = b.concurrent_program_id and b.concurrent_program_name = '&prog_short_name' and c.concurrent_queue_id = a.concurrent_queue_id


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