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How to bounce Material Transaction Interface manager

It is necessary to know the concurrent program corresponding to ‘Material Transaction’ Interface manager. This is so because before you launch this interface manager, corresponding concurrent program schedule needs to be cancelled.

Concurrent program corresponding to ‘Material Transaction’ interface manager – “Process transaction interface”

Step 1: Cancel the existing schedule

  • Login using ‘System Administrator’ responsibility
  • Concurrent –> Request –>Specific Request
  • key in the program name
  • Select phase =”Pending” and Status =”Scheduled”
  • Click on ‘Find’
  • ‘Cancel’ the request

Step 2: Relaunch material Transaction Interface Manager

  • Responsibility –> Any INV super user responsibility
  • navigation –> Setup –>Transactions –> Interface Managers
  • Highlight the row with ‘Material Transaction’
  • Navigation –> “Tools” –> Launch
  • Click on “Schedule’ to make it run in certain desired frequency
  • Click on ‘Submit’


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  1. Stephen John
    December 29, 2014 at 1:32 am

    Thanks. The Info is valuable. Could you please let know regarding the problems faced if the ” Process Transaction Interface” schedule frequency is increased to more than one time a day.


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